Rules of WCZ
On this page are the rules and expectations of WCZ. The following list is a list of rules. Clicking any of the list members will take you to a description of that rule/expectation. The last item of the list "Problems with your punishment?" refers to action you can take if you feel you have been given a overly harsh, or injust punishment.

Antiwarp Explanation.
This rule concerns the use of Antiwarp in the area enclosed by the circlular asteriod field. To view this area on the mini map, Hold the Alt key, your position shows up as a flashing yellow point of light. If you are inside the asteriod boundary and you have Antiwarp on, it is most likely players will alert a mod as well as asking you to turn it off. A player who uses Antiwarp inside this boundary after being asked to turn it off, will be locked in spectator mode for a chat. Remember ALL offenses if repeated may result in a short holiday from the zone.
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Quick winning Explanation
Most Subspace/Continuum users know that flying into a safety zone when they have flags makes them drop the flags before time runs out if they are shot by another player. This is known as "Quick-Dropping". Quick winning, refers to doing exactly this with the winning flags, the reason WHY this is illegal is, in the interest of fair play it dosn't give the opposing team a chance to counter attack as the game is won "quickly". You can quick-drop. But you musn't "Quick-win"
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Intentional Team-Killing Although bombs and bullets wont damage a team mate, They can be killed by bombing a wall next to them when they are low on energy. This is called "Team-Killing". Most of the time this is accidental, however reapeted killing of team mates or any other team kill that is identified as "Intentional" is illegal. Most of the time this will result in a 1-2 Ban. NOTE: Team killing the flag carrier who has the last flags is also a variation of "Quickwinning". For this it is most likely a 7 day ban will be issured.
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With cheating there are no if's, but's or maybe's. If you are cheating and get caught You know your cheating. We know your cheating and thats the end of it. You will be banned most likely for 5000 days. Thats just a few years or so. WCZ does not take lightly to cheats. And neither do the players.
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Freq Hopping
Changing freqs (teams bye typing '=0' or '=1') While the music is playing to the winning team is illegal. This way we can insure those who have worked for their points get them. Freq hoppers will be specced so they miss out on the points. And if caught repeatedly, they will have their score reset.
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Problems with your punishment
Any staff complaints or questionable actions by staff members may be reported to Nameckian for further investigation. We wish to keep the zone fair and because of this, instead of flooding message boards with "Olive is evil" Send Nameckian an email at
Namkies Email
All he asks is that you provide information such as times, dates and keep it civil. I dont think Namkie wants abusive email in his inbox. Oh, and if your complaint is about Namkie (Nameckian) Send Filler an email instead. :) I'm sure he wants some spam :)
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